Pickleball at Samuel de Champlain Community Center

We have the Gym at Samuel de Champlain School for Friday Evening and  Sunday afternoon. There are 6 courts with a curtain down the middle to allow for separate skill levels. This location has just started late Sept  2015,so lots of room for new players.With plans to form a new club here in the next few months we look forward to becoming part of the larger Provincial and National pickleball clubs.
Times are as follows      Friday 7pm-9pm Sunday 3pm -4:45pm

Closed Friday Feb 19th for Badmington Tournament

                    Cost is $3.00 adults and $1. students and children
            All ages and skill levels were welcome!!
PLEASE DO NOT wear your gym sneakers outside,this gets the floor wet and damaged from little rocks caught in the treads
                                                                         Cheers Ray Doiron

New Players

YMCA of Greater Saint John. By Ray Doiron

Feb 3rd 2016 , We’re playing pickleball 5 times a week now.

The Gym at the YMCA opened Sept 18th, 2015 . I took my own nets,balls and paddles and began offering  pickleball classes to the membership.The members picked up pickleball very quickly,had a good time and are keen on coming back again!! 16 people have bought graphite paddles I ordered on their behalf, some after playing only twice!  We are averaging 20 -25 players during the 18+ night and the Sat afternoon family sessions. The YMCA only has 3 courts so it’s already become a challenge to afford everyone fair court time with multiple skills. We are all having a great time!Around 10-12 Staff members have been trained to run the pickleball classes. I have donated 12 wooden paddles and some balls and as soon as the Y can purchase nets they can carry on with offering pickleball. I spoke with the Y program director mid February . Aprrox. 83 members are playing pickleball.

The YMCA has recently purchased their own nets and paddles.Pickleball is played 5 times a week.

Bathurst Pickleball Club

Hi from the Bathurst NB Pickleball Club

Some 5 years ago, Snowbirds Joe and Pat Flynn met with local Motel owner Bob DeGrace and convinced him to convert a seldom used tennis court to a pickleball court.

That was the birth of pickleball in Bathurst. Shortly thereafter Gerald Theriault, with the help of a few friends, made it his mission to promote the game in the area. The Group has since grown to 70+/- members.

This summer the City of Bathurst has converted an unused tennis court and we presently have 3 new pickleball courts with the potential of a 4th one on this site. We also have 2 more accessible courts within the City and of course our original and favourite spot at Danny’s Inn Restaurant & Conference Centre.

From September to May inclusively, we play inside at the Pavilion in back of City Hall. We have space for 4 courts within this complex. (Photo Included)

If any pickleball enthusiast is in Bathurst and wishes to have a game, please contact one of the listed names below…

Joe & Pat Flynn:   506-546-9485.

Gerald Theriault:  506-546-4774   Ambassador, Region 7 -Chaleur Peninsula

Joe Cormier:           506-548-2360


Main Court Locations

Pavilion Gymnasium.                                               150 St George St, Bathurst

Danny’s Inn Restaurant & Conference Centre.  1223 rue Principal, Beresford

Submitted by:  Joseph Cormier

Pickleball in Schools

Raymond Doiron and Barb Dempsey,co directors of Pickleball New Brunswick with Phys Ed Teacher got to try teaching pickleball to a middle school class in one of our local schools. We look forward to someday making this happen throughout New Brunswick.


Pickleball is now approved for teaching in all New Brunswick Schools after many meetings with district phys ed consultants, School superintedants,education ministers,Phys ed teachers, MLA’s and recreation directors. Some schools have already begun adding pickleball to their programs and the other area ambassadors have also begun teaching and helping schools with acquiring equipment.

I have 5 invitations to teach pickleball pending ,3 are in Charlotte County and the other two are in Sussex at a private school and a middle school in West Saint John.

Active Riverview Embracing Pickleball

On Feb 16 th 2012, I travelled to Riverview (Byron Dobson Arena) where I was able to demonstrate Pickleball to program director Ashley Arrowsmith and the group of seniors present. They have since acquired their own equipment and will continue to offer Pickleball in that community. I thank Ashley for the invitation and look forward to similar events throughout the province. posted by Raymond Doiron

Equipment for new players

Pickleball New Brunswick has all the necessary equipment available for people interested in trying out pickleball.There will not be any charges as long as we are able to play outdoors.We are presently negotiating for Gym space for the winter months. There will most likely be a $1.00 charge to cover the cost of rental fees. Contact us for details if you’d like to arrange a demo or set up a play time and location.
Please wear clean dry gym footwear!!

Welcome to pickleballnb.ca!

Hi,welcome to our web site. Over the next few days and weeks, we will be updating with a history of pickleball, rules, locations that you can play, and any news that may be of interest to people learning about the sport. Please view the links to see what the sport is all about and support our efforts in promoting Pickleball by sending an email or posting a comment.

Thank you Raymond Doiron ,USAPA ,Director of Pickleball New Brunswick