Port City Pickleball Club Newcomers’ Days -2016

Port City Pickleball Club plays out of the Carleton Community Centre in Saint John…2 Market Place and has a membership of 60.

In Nov 2014, Ray Doiron after starting this group turned it’s leadership over to the members.(approx. 35)   Mike Jacquard, Mary Lou Blanchard and Beth Whelan stepped up to the task. They are now known as the Port City Pickleball Club

2 thoughts on “Port City Pickleball Club Newcomers’ Days -2016

  1. Hi Ray, Not sure if you are still involved in PB at the
    Carleton Centre but I think you are one of the fellows that helped carry me out after I broke my ankle and I am sending a long long overdue Thank YOU!!!! Also, I am planning on visiting Saint John the beginning of January and I was wondering if you still play PB at the Carleton Centre and what times and days do you play. I would love to join the group if that is possible. Thanks for any information you can give me.

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