Welcome to pickleballnb.ca!

Hi,welcome to our web site. Over the next few days and weeks, we will be updating with a history of pickleball, rules, locations that you can play, and any news that may be of interest to people learning about the sport. Please view the links to see what the sport is all about and support our efforts in promoting Pickleball by sending an email or posting a comment.

Thank you Raymond Doiron ,USAPA ,Director of Pickleball New Brunswick

4 thoughts on “Welcome to pickleballnb.ca!

  1. Congratulatins on the inception of your web site for New Brunswick.
    This is the beginning of a new fun and games life for all your players.
    Good luck on your future endevers and keep us posted on what’s happening in NB.

  2. I love this game and am so excited to help get it off the ground and into schools, communities and rec centers…Others are going to love the game too, it brings racquet sports to everyone regardless of age…

  3. My daughter found this sight for me. My family plays pickleball and
    would enjoy playing at the school on sundays. I marked out a permanent court on our basketball court at the three bears campground in penobsquis three years ago.Over the course of the summer we have as many as 30 players, and it gets quite competitive.This is very exciting for us . I have played in Florida for 4 years and I am staying home this year.
    Looking forward to meeting you and promoting pickleball as well.


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