New Players

YMCA of Greater Saint John. By Ray Doiron

Feb 3rd 2016 , We’re playing pickleball 5 times a week now.

The Gym at the YMCA opened Sept 18th, 2015 . I took my own nets,balls and paddles and began offering  pickleball classes to the membership.The members picked up pickleball very quickly,had a good time and are keen on coming back again!! 16 people have bought graphite paddles I ordered on their behalf, some after playing only twice!  We are averaging 20 -25 players during the 18+ night and the Sat afternoon family sessions. The YMCA only has 3 courts so it’s already become a challenge to afford everyone fair court time with multiple skills. We are all having a great time!Around 10-12 Staff members have been trained to run the pickleball classes. I have donated 12 wooden paddles and some balls and as soon as the Y can purchase nets they can carry on with offering pickleball. I spoke with the Y program director mid February . Aprrox. 83 members are playing pickleball.

The YMCA has recently purchased their own nets and paddles.Pickleball is played 5 times a week.

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