Pickleball at Samuel de Champlain Community Center

We have the Gym at Samuel de Champlain School for Friday Evening and  Sunday afternoon. There are 6 courts with a curtain down the middle to allow for separate skill levels. This location has just started late Sept  2015,so lots of room for new players.With plans to form a new club here in the next few months we look forward to becoming part of the larger Provincial and National pickleball clubs.
Times are as follows      Friday 7pm-9pm Sunday 3pm -4:45pm

Closed Friday Feb 19th for Badmington Tournament

                    Cost is $3.00 adults and $1. students and children
            All ages and skill levels were welcome!!
PLEASE DO NOT wear your gym sneakers outside,this gets the floor wet and damaged from little rocks caught in the treads
                                                                         Cheers Ray Doiron

5 thoughts on “Pickleball at Samuel de Champlain Community Center

  1. Do you still play Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. I will be in Saint John the beginning of January and would like to join your group. Is this possible? I played there a year or two ago and if possible, I would like to try and join you for a few games while in Saint John.. Thanks for any information you can offer.

  2. we saw Pickleball today at the Carleton Community Centre. Can we try it?! At Samuel de Champlain….do we need to bring anything?

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