Pickleball in Schools

Raymond Doiron and Barb Dempsey,co directors of Pickleball New Brunswick with Phys Ed Teacher got to try teaching pickleball to a middle school class in one of our local schools. We look forward to someday making this happen throughout New Brunswick.


Pickleball is now approved for teaching in all New Brunswick Schools after many meetings with district phys ed consultants, School superintedants,education ministers,Phys ed teachers, MLA’s and recreation directors. Some schools have already begun adding pickleball to their programs and the other area ambassadors have also begun teaching and helping schools with acquiring equipment.

I have 5 invitations to teach pickleball pending ,3 are in Charlotte County and the other two are in Sussex at a private school and a middle school in West Saint John.

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  1. We winter down south and love pickleball and want to play it when we return to Nova Scotia. But, there is no place in NS to play, but I see NB has a pickleball association. I’m wondering if pickleball is played in Moncton area during the summer. If so, do you know who I can contact for information.

    Shirley and Rodger Sorsdahl

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