Places to Play

places to play

Click here to be redirected to the USAPA website where you will find most places to play in NB as well as other parts of the world.


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  1. I will be visiting Saint John NB Dec 23 till Jan 23 and was hoping to come out to play a few games. Are courts available on the above dates during this time?

  2. Not sure if the last comment was sent. I am visiting Saint John NB from Dec 23 till Jan 23 and I was wondering if courts are available on each of the above dates during this time period?

  3. I’m interested in playing pickleball this fall/winter. How do I register, and are they still at the same times as last year – Millidgeville North and Carleton Community Centre?

  4. Are you still playing on Saturdays in millidgeville? I was shocked to stumble upon this game being played here! I have played a couple times in Florida but would love to play here at home.

  5. HI Ray,
    I was just wondering if you still have pickle ball at the HIgh School and at the Carleton Community Center during the winter months.
    I enjoyed playing in these venues while I was visiting family last winter and I was hoping I would be able to continue playing as I have been playing in Peterborough Ontario where I currently live.
    Claudette Mazerolle Taylor

  6. I checked out The Carleton Community Center today, Monday ,June 9th and they were resanding the floor. I could not find anyone in the office that would be able to tell me when the floors would be done and when pickelball would restart again. Will there be indoor Pickleball at the Carleton Community Center during the whole summer? and when will the sanding be done?
    Thanks for any information you can offer.

  7. I just returned from FLorida vacation, where I played pickleball on several occasions. Asking someone who plays in Riverview to call me 859 0706 Moncton for general info.

    • Did anyone reply that plays pickle ball in Moncton/Riverview/Shediac. I have heard about this from friends who played in Florida, I would love to try this if it is available.

    • There are three new courts at Queen Square.Call John Burns at the city recreation department for a schedule(if you want to play with a group) .

      • hi john

        just returned to Fredericton from Arizona and looking to play some pickleball.
        is there a schedule of playing time ?
        is there a group of players ?

  8. Tried to contact Pickle Ball NB to tell them about the Remember When Phys. Ed. conference in F’ton in October to get them some exposure but e-mail didn’t work. ny ideas? I will be organiizing a Pickle Ball night at Milltown Elementary In St. Stephen in the fall. For info, see address above.

  9. I will be visiting Fredericton & Bathurst next week from August 20, to September, 8, and wondered if there were any Pickleball playing opportunities?



    • hi Ginger , check out places to play pickleball in the website ,click on NB in Canada for the listings on Bathurst and Fredricton

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